BENEFUN INT'L<01130> - Odd Lot Arrangement

The Stock Exchange has received a message from Benefun International 
Holdings Limited which is reproduced as follows:-


Odd lots of New Shares represented by the existing certificates for Shares 
may arise as a result of the change in board lots. In order to alleviate 
the difficulties of trading odd lots of New Shares, the Company has 
appointed Kingston Securities Limited of Suite 2801, 28/F., One 
International Finance Centre, 1 Harbour View Street, Central, Hong Kong 
(the "Agent") as an agent to match the sale and purchase of odd lots of 
New Shares during the period from 20th February, 2002 to 19th March, 2002 
(both days inclusive). Holders of New Shares in odd lots represented by 
the existing certificates for Shares who wish to take advantage of this 
facility either to dispose of their odd lots or to top up their odd lots 
to a new board lot of 20,000 New Shares may contact Ms. Rosita Kiu of the 
Agent at telephone number 2298 6215 during such period. However, holders 
of odd lots of New Shares should note that the Agent does not guarantee 
successful matching of the sale and purchase of odd lots. Starting from 
10:00 a.m. on 20th March, 2002 , trading on the Stock Exchange will only 
be in board lots of 20,000 New Shares each represented by a new share 
certificate therefor. Holders of the New Shares are recommended to consult 
their professional advisers if they are in any doubt about the facility 
described above.

Hong Kong, 18th February, 2002"